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Private Lessons Online

Don't Miss out While You Are Away From School

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What Do I Teach?

Most of the online courses use exclusively written teaching materials, 100% of which are carefully compiled by experience tutors to ensure the quality of teaching.

You can choose foreign teachers or local teachers. Online courses are online live teaching, not pre-recorded videos. Students can instantly interact with foreign teachers or local teachers.

GP Education loaded with fun learning games like the fully customizable Gameshow and Memory/Matching Tool, as well as other standards like Sudoku, Hangman, and much more!

English Phonics & Phonetics

  • Suitable for K2-P4

  • Learn Correct English Pronunciation

  • Improve English reading and dictation skills

  • With its own English game and English Pinyin

  • Songs to help enhance students' sense of engagement

English Grammar 

  • Suitable for P1-P6

  • Lay a good foundation of English grammar

  • Learn to use English grammar and correct English

  • Sentence structure to help understand English texts and

  • Improve English writing skills

English conversation class

  • Suitable for K2-P6

  • Most students can take Merit or above

  • One level can be completed in an average of four months

  • Effectively improve students' English conversation skills

  • English conversation necessary for enrolling in your favorite school

  • International Exam Certificate​

Cambridge English

  • Suitable for K2-P6

  • Years of experience in Cambridge English exams

  • Candidates received an average of 13 dong (out of 15 dong)

  • You can complete a level in half a year at the earliest

  • Train English reading, writing, listening, speaking,

  • Improve English ability in all aspects

Chinese, English, mathematic

  • Suitable for P1-P6

  • or on-campus curriculum structure

  • Improve overall academic performance

Level exam class

  • Suitable for K2-P6

  • GAPSK Best Cultivation Institution

  • Adopt GAPSK official textbook

  • Comprehensive and more targeted content

  • Comprehensively improve the ability to use Putonghua​


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